Bless this MESS.

So often I think we find ourselves comparing our daily life to another’s highlight reel. We see vacations and smiling faces and perfectly posed family photos. What we forget is that everyone’s got there own version of the messy stuff. What we don’t see is the 12 hours of travel and missed connecting flight for that vacation, or the tears that accompany those smiles because you’re gathering to remember your loved one who has passed, or maybe its the major meltdown because that tiny human of yours wanted no part of the family photos.

The fact is everyone has there own version of messy and when we forget that and compare our life to that of the Instagram or Facebook highlight reel…that’s when we lose our joy for all those little moments that make life wonderful.

Don’t get me wrong I want to see all your travels and the sweet smiles of your babies but I also want the real life stuff. I want to know that you are human just like I am and amidst all the fun are some regular old “boring” days. So if there ever is a question, this is me…bringing you the good, the bad, the ordinary, and sprinkling in the downright wonderful.

We Messy!


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I hit publish on post #2 a few weeks ago and now find myself in that old familiar place of writing and deleting and writing and deleting. So, instead of continuing that relentless cycle I decided instead to look at what’s holding me back.

Turns out the only “thing” holding me back from hitting publish again has her fingers on the keyboard right now….she’s staring at these words, reading them over and over and OVER again and while her proofreading skills are top notch that’s not why she continues this little game.

You see the woman behind this page is a PERFECTIONIST!

My bio could probably read “Hi! I’m Stacy. See definition for Enneagram 1.” I like rules and I pay attention to the details and I’ll be damned if you find fault in my work. And while I take pride in all that I am and do I also know that I give far too much weight to what those around me think. So, I felt like my blog needed to have a clear cut purpose and each post needed to be perfectly curated. I wanted to put my thoughts and ideas to paper but at the same time not ruffle any feathers and surely didn’t want my words critiqued and dissected.

News flash sister…EVERYONE’S got an opinion and not everyone is going to like yours!!

Ok, maybe that was more for me than you, but with that comes the freedom to be unapologetically me and so follows this blog. I’m a Mom, a Wife (to a darn good football coach), a Realtor, and as year 33 comes knocking at the door I’m just finding out who I’m meant to be. So while I may feel the need to define the purpose of this blog I’m willing to step into the unknown and allow this blog to wear many hats and serve many purposes. This blog will bare my heart and my thoughts and will be what I need it to be day-to-day and season-to-season.

So Here We Are

I claimed my little piece of the internet 4 years ago in the midst of our infertility journey.  You see, I thought I needed an outlet as we ventured into the land of In Vitro Fertilization…yup you read that right IVF!

I was mad, I was sad, and I was downright exhausted but as I sat down to write my first post…and write, and rewrite, and rewrite again…I couldn’t bring myself to hit publish…So Here We Are!

4 years have gone by since that first introduction and so so much has changed.  I’m not quite sure where this little blog is going to take me but I’m excited to start (or rather continue) on this little journey.

Oh the Places We’ll Go…

Hi All!!

School’s out here in Georgia but with that comes Football; football workouts, 7-on-7 tournaments, coaches meetings, and before we know it the season will be here.  With all of that I’ve come to realize that neither myself or my hubby are very good at consistently picking up the telephone to touch base with our family and friends.  Though we always have the best of intentions, life seems to get the best of us and before we know it the day is done.  So with that in mind I thought I might try my hand at blogging to help keep our family and friends updated on our little life.

My hope is to share things as they come…happy, sad, and everything in between, so sit back and enjoy the ride because through it all we’ll be Laughing out Laut.

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